woooww my fingers are cramped, that hair was BRUTAL

but yayy doneee can you tell who i like to draw the most and who im most paranoid of leaving team rwby cause of the henceforward au?

I’m gonna die, this took like 2 hours for 12 frames and a choppy little walking sequence

i wanted to do a trace practice of this cute little thang

doodling genderbent ruby ahah

clearing out my to do draws from my drafts aha 
refs: (blake yuck) (geoff design(cat shirt)

"But right now they’re still children, so why not let them play the part?

It isn’t a role they’ll have forever.”


When IS that royal pleb coming back…

WOW so that pose practice REALLY went outta control 

(whispers howa bout come catboy!gavin with michael, or really just anyone, doing some cat things? (if you have time or wanna do it, you dont have to!!))
//slowly crawls back into the fandom

What can I say? I’m a sin.

here’s a transparent tina for all your tina needs!

i can’t seem to draw anything i really like but im trying to just throw up stuff till i get something i like

get ready for some spamming of mediocre art 

doing some rt scene re-doodles to try to crawl out of this art abyss 

Can you make a chibi ray in a pumpkin hat plz


pROmpts yes: some kissy or silly mavin fluff after the mario kart immersion, like gavin making sure his lil michael's alright?


omfg this took forever to draw 

this anime will kill la kill me

finally catching up on let’s plays oh man; king ryan eps have been the best thing in a long timeeee ahh

I think of king ryan more like ‘these are my peasants and only i can torture them’